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Real Estate is Not For The Faint At Heart

Go ahead Google that title, haha you’ll see it over and over again so why didn’t I come up with a new clever title because I’ve said this a million times. Before I put...


I Heart Shiplap

I know who doesn’t love this current oldie but goodie thanks to the Gaines duo. Don’t you just love them? I could eat them up figuratively of course, this couple is so cute and...


Soak Up Every Drop Of Their Love!

Originally I was going to post about shiplap today a project I had worked on in my dining room which I adore! But that will have to wait for another day,  because as always...


Plan a Party in 48 Hours!

My oldest and I had tossed around a couple of ideas before the school year ended with what to do for her birthday party. She really wanted to host a slumber party this year...


We Bought the Houston Zoo

No not really but it was a pretty penny so being ready can mean the difference between planning more fun activities this summer or watching the clouds roll by while the kids taught “I’m...


Why the Title Of Mom is for No Other

I know this may get some backlash and I apologize to those families who try so hard to have families of their own but aren’t able to. I feel for those special circumstances truly...


5 Fun Faves for Kids in North Houston

If you’ve ever visited Houston you will understand that just like Texas everything is BIG just like our fair city! So sometimes fitting in a fun activity before nap time can be well let’s...


Father’s Day for the Single Mom

I know you’re asking what she’s celebrating Father’s Day too now? No not quite while I do feel in my household I have now taken on the official title of bug killer which I...


The Grass is Greener Where You Water It

I’ve put off writing because well to put it mildly I need a swift kick in the rump! I have been down on myself lately and I shouldn’t be, while not single-handedly the home...


Time To Spruce Up The Front Porch On a Budget

After the historic storms in Houston this April my outdoors needed an update!